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We are international freight forwarders providing air and ocean freight forwarding, door-to-door delivery, custom brokerage, warehousing, distribution, and delivery as well as project freight nationwide in South Africa.

Although Rapple has a wide variety of services to offer, our most important tool is our personalized service. We take a personal interest in every shipment and will take great care in the proper transport of your product, whatever it may be, giving your needs the attention it deserves.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Rapple offers a comprehensive import & export program, allowing your purchasing and procurement department total control over inbound international freight. 

Experienced in logistics, procurement, and expediting, taking care of everything from consulting with first-time clients, and negotiating transport rates to handling custom fees and duties, to delivering cargo at its final destination, our service is customized based on the client's particular needs.

Rapple is a platinum member of the GLN (Global Logistics Network)

Today, GLN has a global presence that spans 536 Offices in 310 Cities in 135 Countries. With combined Annual Revenues of USD 9.5 Billion and 27,675 experienced and capable staff handling over 3 million shipments per year, GLN is larger in size than many multi-national forwarders and integrators. The purpose and objectives of GLN are to:

  • Act as a worldwide umbrella network of selected members who cooperate under established standards and actively promotes and support each other in the handling of profitable freight forwarding, logistics, customs brokerage, and related services by the pooling of sales, operational and financial resources.

  • Empower members with the capability to meet customers' "Critical Success Factors" so that they may effectively compete with multinationals and integrators using innovative marketing and IT initiatives.

  • Embrace a GLN global branding culture for the purpose of RFQ/RFP opportunities.

  • Attract and maintain members who are the leaders in their own local markets with a global vision mentality; that maintains and surpasses client satisfaction with a reputable status aligned with the highest integrity and service commitment versus accepted industry standards.

  • Provide "value-added facilities" to benefit members, maintain and promote the use of the GLN website to aid and assist the development of new business, and provide any other additional initiatives to benefit members through the "Power of One" philosophy.

  • Develop a member-responsive network that will cooperate and develop a dynamic synergy, operational integrity, and efficiencies with financial stability on a non-exclusive basis.

  • Promote a network methodology that adheres to a philosophy of ongoing and continuous quality improvement.​

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