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WAREHOUSINg solutions
Cape Town

We are staffed by an experienced team, providing a clean and safe environment.


Goods are received and appropriately stored in a safe, uncontaminated environment consisting of the following:

  • Fully sprinkled warehouses (serviced annually)

  • Armed response

  • Computerized stock management

  • Cyclical physical stock counts are conducted regularly

  • (FIFO) First in, first out / (FEFO) first expired, first out batch management

  • Average 24-hour delivery service, guaranteed within 48 hours for local deliveries

  • Dock leveller loading bays

  • Stuffing and destuffing of container

  • Consolidated cargo for transport to other major centers

Our warehousing services include

Short-Term Storage

Container Packing & Unpacking

Computerised Stock Control

Distribution Facility

Courier Services

Food Grade Certified Warehouse

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